FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Business Class Drone (H520)

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1. What is the H520, and what was it designed for?

The H520 is a hexacopter specifically designed for inspection, law enforcement, security, construction, surveying, broadcasting, and mapping applications. It is known for its extended flight time, safety features, and flexibility, making it suitable for professional photography, cinematography, and television broadcasting.

2. What are the main features of the H520?

The key features of the H520 include:

    HV batteries with up to 28 minutes of flight time

    Various camera options

    Precision compass with low interference

    SDK support

    2D/3D mapping capabilities

    Flight modes like Waypoint, Survey Mode, Point to Fly

    Very low operating noise

    High-visibility paintwork

    Extensive service packages available

    High energy efficiency

    Extensive satellite coverage (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO)

3. How stable is the H520 in flight, especially in windy conditions and turbulence?

The H520 features a 6-rotor system that ensures precise flight even in windy conditions and turbulence. It can continue to fly safely even if one rotor experiences a failure.

4. What camera options are available for the H520?

There are three hot-swappable and gimbal-stabilized camera options available for the H520:

    E90 with a 1-inch image sensor and 20MP resolution for professional photo and video capture.

    E50 inspection camera with a longer focal length for inspection work and close-up filming.

    CGO-ET dual-camera with thermal imaging and low-light sensor for firefighting and search and rescue operations.

5. How is the H520 controlled?

The H520 is controlled using the ST16S remote controller and the DataPilot™ software. Various flight modes and camera settings can be controlled via the remote controller or the software.

6. Are there service packages available for the H520?

Yes, there are service packages available for the H520 that can be purchased separately. These packages offer different levels of service, including warranty coverage, maintenance, and repairs.

7. Is there a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the H520?

Yes, there is a Software Development Kit (SDK) available for the H520, providing an extensive interface for programming the drone. The SDK allows for the development of custom apps and the implementation of application-specific functionalities.

8. Can the H520 transmit live video feeds?

Yes, the H520 can transmit live video feeds in real-time, available in 720p HD quality.

9. What application areas are suitable for the H520?

The H520 is suitable for a wide range of application areas, including inspection work, photography, filming, house construction and inspection, photovoltaic system inspection, agriculture and forestry, firefighting, police and customs applications, as well as search and rescue operations.

10. Where can I find more information about service packages and the H520?

For more information about service packages and the H520, please visit the official Yuneec website.

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